Each year 12/08/2015

Each year, during the holiday season, we get a lot emails from people who have been here on holiday and befriended a cat or dog. We understand this, we know how nice the stray animals are and they are so grateful for a bit of attention and a few tidbits to eat.

The problems arise when people decide they want to adopt a particular animal and have it back in the UK, again, we understand this and a lot of lucky animals do in fact find good homes in the UK.

However, and this is a big problem, please do not wait until you get back to your home and then decide you want the cute little tabby kitten that lived in your resort, or the cute dog that spent the days on the beach with you.

It is almost impossible to help you with this, when you go back, the animal is not daft, it moves on to the next kind people who provide attention, love and food.
We receive requests to go to certain apartments and collect the little black and white cat there, we could get there and there are many black and white cats…..or it could have moved on and it is then impossible to locate it. The same goes for the dogs, they move about the resort, and sometimes move onto a nearby resort.

The decision has to be made while you are still here, you must ensure that the animal is not an owned animal, many Greek dogs are allowed to wander around at will. You can do this by asking the local taverna staff, or the supermarket staff, they will usually have a good idea if the animal belongs to someone. If it is not owned you can then make the arrangements to get it vaccinated and a passport etc and arrange for someone to look after it until you can arrange transport back to the UK.

Please bear in mind this is a very expensive exercise, many people start the process and then abandon it part way through, the problem then passes to the person who has agreed to care for it for you. Because so many have been ‘forgotton’ after a couple of months, it is very difficult to find anyone willing to help you with this.

Hopefully, it will be a bit easier after 1st January, 2012 when the quarantine laws are brought into line with the rest of Europe. For information on the current rules regarding importing of an animal into the UK, go onto the defra website, pet passport scheme.