Stray Dogs 12/08/2015

Many people are concerned about the stray dogs, with good reason.

At the moment there is little capture, neuter and release, but this is about to change.  Ark, the shelter in Argostoli, is planning to build a separate area to house these animals prior to being neutered and released.  This would at least stop the numbers from increasing through indiscriminate breeding.  They have a limit as to how many they can accommodate.

Obviously this is not ideal, however, we can all only do what we can to alleviate the problem of dog abandonment, working together we can do more than acting as individual charities.

Education is one answer, but at the end of the day responsible dog ownership is the only way things can improve.

The law in Greece, to protect animals is in place, however, there does not seem to be anyone, police or municipalities that can or are willing to enforce it.  There is no national animal protection organisation, such as the RSPCA with the power to take action. 

Despite the amount of animals we can help to get neutered, without the co-operation of the owners it is impossible to get on top of the problem

Please remember, that 50 or 60 years ago, the rest of Europe had a similar problem with stray animals, only by pushing for changes, and advocating neutering the animals can this problem be brought under control.

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