Bits and Bobs 11/12/2011

This year we lost four cats in two weeks, snake bite it seems. We lost our boy, Mystery, Carly and Cricket to the snakes and poor old Gimpy lost his life to his bowel condition. In the same period we lost Poppy the little dog that was Daisy’s friend, her cancer beat her in the end.

Daisy and Poppy were brought in to spend their last months in a bit of comfort, however, they managed another three years...Daisy is still battling on, all the usual old age problems but she is happy enough and not in pain so we will hope for the best for her.

We have a lot of old animals here now, and we are aware that their time is limited, but it still hurts such a lot when they eventually go.

BrianBrian, our donkey managed to cut his bottom, he had pushed one of the wooden bars out from his shelter and stupidly rubbed his bum on the part that had a screw sticking out. He was not best pleased when the vet sutured it, we had to be pretty athletic to avoid his displeasure, a sense of humour was essential during the treatment. We are buying his love back with extra strong mints and ginger biscuits, plus it is safer to spray for flies and with antibiotic spray when he is busy trying to get another biscuit.

Sula, sitting at the front, she is afraid of thunder and jumped from the third floor onto the concrete, one badly broken leg that had to be pinned, but pin now out and she is fine.

We have some terrific storms here and both Sula and Bess (the black dog with the red collar) are terrified of thunder, Bess opens all the doors including the outside one, and shakes and panics, Sula usually tries to get into the smallest space she can, storms at night equal no sleep for us.