Kefalonia in Winter 11/03/2011

We are often asked what the winters are like here, well, rain, more rain and even more rain.  However, it is not too cold and we often have days when you can be outside working in a T shirt so can’t really complain, the sun still shines.

Winters for the charity are the really busy time.  We spend a lot of time organising fund raising events, the bazaars and jumble sales mean a heavy work load to get everything done.  In November we usually organise one in this part of the island, around March April time Skala area gets going on theirs.  We usually try to have a jumble sale in January, where the home made cakes make us a tidy sum.

Another important winter activity is catching the cats that live in the colonies around holiday apartments and getting them neutered.  The law has changed now and we are allowed to have a volunteer vet from anywhere in the EU.  We are currently in the process of organising this for, hopefully, November.  If we can get 50 female and perhaps 30 male cats done in this way after our costs, we should save over €3,000 which can then be used to get more dogs done.

The charity shop is open in Skala during the winter months, and over the season this can bring in enough to cover two months neutering.  Our budget for neutering is around €1,000 per month, I confess that I usually manage to exceed this amount.  The demand is getting higher all the time, and while we are happy to have more requests from the local people, it means a lot more work for us to raise the additional funds.

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