2005 December 31/01/2006

On Sunday December 11th, KATs had their pre-Christmas jumble sale, and as usual, there was a brilliant turnout from English, Greeks, Germans and local animal supporters.

Several people had kindly made home-made jams and pickles, calendars and knitted toys and Christmas tree decorations. Apart from the piles and piles of jumble, there was also a Lucky Dip, Tombola and a Christmas raffle. After having bought a good supply of paperbacks, bric-a-brac, clothes, shoes and handbags, many people stayed for a coffee and to catch up with each other before the Christmas holidays.

At the end of the day, all the remaining clothes were sorted out and bagged up for delivery to the main church in Argostoli who were collecting for the Pakistani Earthquake Appeal.

The leftover toys and children’s things were boxed up and delivered to the Argostoli Orphanage, who were extremely grateful, and finally the remaining bric-a-brac was taken to the gypsy’s for them to do with as they pleased.

KATs are helping the orphanage again when the weather gets better, by organising a day for all the 19 kids to go down to the sanctuary and spend time with the animals and have a picnic lunch.

The jumble sale made over 900 € for the animal charity, but also was able to help people in Pakistan and the kids from the orphanage.


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