2007 - 2008 Winter Fundraising 31/05/2008

This winter we have been busy trying to raise as much money as possible to increase the amount of animal neuters.

Peratata Jumble

Our first jumble sale was at the “Gyros tou Kastrou” in Peratata, where we were aiming to get rid of a lot of the stuff that has been out at sales too many times, and we raised around 300 Euros which we were happy with as it was only meant to be a small sale.

At the end of the sale, Gabriella (see picture), whose mother, Donna runs Kefalonia Weddings, took a lot of the knitted toys to sell at her school in Keramies, and raised the wonderful sum of 100 Euros - well done! The school allowed the children to choose a subject for a project and they chose to do something on animals. They produced an information booklet with a lot of articles and pictures. They did a wonderful job and of course this is the way forward for the future of the animals; education of the young people will help to change attitudes. It is more important than the children perhaps realise.

Car Boot Sales

Carole, Donna, Lynn, Sheila and friends have all been going to the car boot sales regularly and raising money by selling books and anything else they could find, they have done so well and the money raised from these is paying for the feral cat neuter weekends and towards the costs of a very large dog, recovering from a badly broken leg, who we hope to home in the not too distant future. He is a wonderful dog, very large, 28 Kilos and very skinny at that. He will not be easy to find a home for due to his size, but he has the most wonderful nature - though he is a handful despite his game leg.

Argostoli Jumble

In late March we had a jumble sale in Argostoli and raised a further 1,200 Euros. Hard work but worth it for us, as we are always short of funds at this time of year, and often have to cease all neuters. This year we managed - just - to keep going. 


Between 5th January and 31st March, seventy-four animals were neutered - a drop in the ocean but a big drop at that! We hope to keep up these sorts of numbers during the year.

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