Ark 15/10/2011

There is now a shelter in Argostoli, they currently have around 150 dogs and several cats.

Most of these dogs have just been abandoned in the town centre and on the industrial estate.

Several people have given their time to help out, and one of the most important jobs is the inevitable poo patrol. Fortunately, a few people have volunteered to help out with this lovely job, and at the same time it helps to socialise the dogs. 

Kat’s has been involved in assisting them where we can, we have managed to home several dogs for them in the past couple of months. Thanks to a German magazine sending over a photographer and reporter a 3 page spread appeared in the magazine, Tina. All the dogs pictured have found homes, and we are now working with ARK to make sure they are neutered, vaccinated, passported and trying to arrange some transport. 4 have flown out to Austria, 2 went to Germany this week, and one went in September.  We hope to get another 4 out in November with someone who has kindly agreed to take them back with them. The rest is in the lap of the Gods at the moment but we are ever hopeful.

I have also heard from a British couple who are arranging to adopt one and get it back to the UK.

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