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  • Sterilization & Inbreeding

    You may see cats with the tip on one ear missing, this indicates that they have been caught and neutered. During the winter months many people trap the cats from the colonies and we can then arrang... read more
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  • 2014 Achievements

    2014 in Kefalonia started with a bang, in late January we had a large earthquake which caused considerable damage to homes, businesses, roads and the port in Lixouri, this was followed by another l... read more
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  • Dog Neuter Appeal 2013

    Despite spending over 15,000 Euro last year and the same in previous years on neutering dogs and cats on the island, the situation is not improving for the dogs.  Because we always neuter several h... read more
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  • 2011 Neutering update

    From January 2011 to the end of September a total of 196 animals were sterilised with the help of the charity. There were a number of animals treated for injuries and sickness that are included in... read more
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  • 2010 Achievements

    In 2010 the charity paid or subsidised 211 sterilisations. After speaking to the vets I have calculated that around 450 were sterilised in total on the island, this is a very conservative number a... read more
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